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Asketica Workshop

Asketica Workshop

Asketica started its way in 2015. The launch was caused by inspiration of working with leather and desire to create something elegant not just for elegance. We are sure it is important to surround yourself with beautiful simple things: it determines the way of thinking, the way of living. 

The current rhythm of the world always leaves the wish to have something everlasting. It is a kind of luxury nowadays. Handcrafted things are always about something special and traditional. We find the watch strap to be a little, but functional detail that can help you to be you are supposed to: exquisite, busy and involved in. Because these features are able to encourage the rest move and spin. We are lucky to have found those who also think that style is priority, who appreciate comfort and time.


Keeping the traditions Asketica creates its watch straps beautiful and unique. And we have managed to make them affordable. We create watch straps in accordance with your own sizes and we find this way one and only to provide every watch admirer with comfort, moreover this approach is always about feeling special. What is more this fact lets us have the wide size range.   


For the years of working we have found the fastest ways of delivery around the world.  From the very beginning we have been using leathers from the best tanneries in the world. We are sure that these nuances give the watch strap possibility to complete a special mission to finish your look and to prove your uniqueness.

The Team

Asketica a is not only a watch strap workshop, it is also a family and a duo of people with shared values. We care about our customers and want to share our worldview with you through our products.


Master and owner


Designer and companion