Alran S.A.S.


The Alran tannery is an expert in the tanning of goat, calf and buffalo skins. It was founded in 1903 in the south of Tarn in France near Montagne Noire.

The Alran tannery collaborates with many well-known luxury brands. Their unique hand-crafting and quality processing of hides gives the leather a very special look, rich colors and noble texture.


Alran Sully 

“Sully” from Alran is probably the best article of this tannery. It is produced in 23 steps, which take about 4 weeks in time.
One of these processes is the manual processing of each hide to increase the depth and structure of the grain. This gives the leather a distinctive look that is specific to Sully.

It is a vegetable-combination tanned leather (without chromium) of the highest grade. It is soft to the touch, evenly colored and has a deep rich color. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to water drops, sunlight and scratches. It has a uniform medium grain size and has a semi-glossy finish. Once you have this leather, you’ll understand why this is the preferred article by luxury brands.