Badalassi Carlo


Badalassi Carlo is a member of a consortium of 22 tanneries. It is located in Tuscany and for over 40 years the Badalassi Carlo tannery has specialized in the production of vegetable tanned leather.


Classic vacchetta, vegetable tanned leather. Pueblo is rich in fat and has a medium firmness. As you wear, the leather is rubbed and becomes smooth. One of Pueblo’s advantages is its unique color palette. When staining, aniline dyes are used that penetrate the leather and preserve the natural face.


Minerva is a milled grain leather from Badalassi Carlo. Milling is a process that allows individual hide to produce its own naturally unique grain. Sizing and irregularity is variable and will depend on the dermal fiber and thickness of the hides. Vegetable tanned leather has a benefit to develop character and patina. The surface is smooth and shiny with high fat content to accentuate colour with prolonged use.


HABANA is the highest quality leather with a two-tone finish from Badalassi Carlo. Loose and soft, the Habana leather is hand-dyed for an uneven and vintage effect. Matte finish with a slight waxy finish. The patina effect of this leather is not so obvious as  Pueblo has.

Genuine Italian premium leather. The production method in the beginning is identical to that of Minerva, then the leather is crumpled, oiled and hand-finished with a special black finish. Habana has a lot in common with Nemesi, but unlike the latter, Habana is hand stuffed, while Nemesi is dyed in the drum and covered with glaze.


Battriano is a unique vegetable tanned leather. Battriano is often confused with Pueblo, however, Battriano has a smooth surface. Marble finish effect – traces of plaque (wax) on the surface. Battriano is of medium firmness, aged “vacchetta” suitable for bags, shoes and leather goods.


Leather with a natural pattern, distinct veins, which become more prominent over time. Very soft and delicate to the touch texture of vintage appearance. Due to the tanning process, wax leather is an oily leather that is hard wearing. This leather does not tend to patina.


Nemesi is another article from Badalassi Carlo. Due to the tanning method, Nemesi is characterized by slight variations in texture throughout the hide. The color has a rough, rustic hue. The uncomplicated finishing process allows this leather to retain its original firm character, making it an excellent choice for both exterior design and lining. Nemesi is obtained by vegetable tanning, which over time contributes to the formation of a beautiful patina.


The leather is known to many, because it is widely used not only for leather goods, but also in the automotive and furniture industries.
Nappa is a semi-aniline leather derived from the hides of cattle and sheep. The double cleaning and tanning process makes the leather not only soft and supple, but also very durable.
The surface of this article can be different, its type depends on the technology of production. Both glossy and matte face are possible. Smooth and structured.