Conceria Walpier


Conceria Walpier well known Italian tannery. The factory mainly produces
articles made from the shoulder part of bulls and cows.
Conceria Walpier is famous for its variety of different finishes.


Legendary leather factory Conceria Walpier, Italy.

The leather is obtained by vegetable tanning and has a high firmness. Buttero is distinguished by a smooth matte surface and a high tendency to patination: it acquires a natural shine and darkens with time. The color becomes deeper and more contrasting. Buttero has a rich palette where, along with the classic ones, you can find bright unusual colors.


Dollaro is cowhide leather with a printed pattern. Leather of high firmness and medium scratch resistance. The process of obtaining identical to Buttero (vegetable tanned cowhide) is taken as the basis.

After the primary treatment, the leather is thermally embossed to obtain texture. This process increases its hardening by hardening the surface, which in its turn improves its scratch resistance. Unlike embossed leather, Dollaro is vegetable-tanned and develops a patina over time.