De Puy


A large tannery, which has been owned by Hermes for some time now. Based in southern France. Thanks to the quality of its products, among the clients of this eminent brand: Meermin, Hermes, Septieme Largeur, Berwick, Corthay, Hermes, J.M. Weston, Yanko, Cheaney, Carlos Santos, John Lobb, Per Nobile


Printed calfskin from the French tannery Du Puy. 

Semi-vegetable tanned leather, high firmness and premium quality, which is why it is recognized among the world famous brands in the luxury segment. Epsom is known for its durability and wide color gamut. Thanks to the embossing process, Epsom has a certain level of firmness. This leather is easy to clean, highly scratch and wear resistant and will retain its rich color without patina.