Haas is one of oldest factories in the Alsace region, France, which has been tanning hides for 170 years. It is run by the sixth generation of the founding family. Haas buys raw salted calf skins. They all come from France - usually from the Dordogne and Brittany. These regions are loved by tanneries for dense-grained hides.


Zermatt high quality factory lined leather for watch straps and other items that come into contact with bare skin. This article has a hypoallergenic, water-repellent impregnation. It is used for the manufacture of luxury watch straps.

But Zermatt can also be used for the front side of the product, our custom order with bund strap made entirely with Zermatt you can see in the carousel on the right.


Baranil. This leather is highly valued among the knowledgeable, 

it has a smooth matte surface with a slight coating (wax). Soft handmade leather. It has moderate scratch resistance and water resistance. Patinated over time, the original color takes on a deeper shade.


Luxury segment calfskin. The highest quality that simply cannot be overestimated. Perhaps the most sought-after article of the French HAAS tannery. Thanks to the double tanning process, this article has an exceptionally pleasant shade. Novonappa has strength and elasticity, this balance allows it to be used in a variety of applications. Over time, it forms one of the most beautiful patinas. Novonappa is quite delicate and it is difficult to hide the different natural defects such as wrinkles on the skin of an animal. Therefore, the most recommended application is the production of small leather goods.