Puccini Attilio


The factory manufactures leathers by
vegetable tanning. Puccini Attilio is famous for its variety of coatings.


This article is considered first class leather. It is produced from the skins of French cows. The leather is obtained by vegetable tanning. Maremma has a high density. It is impregnated with a special mixture of animal fats and oils according to an ancient recipe.

It is elastic, holds its shape perfectly and has a pull-up effect when squeezed.
This article is coated with aniline dyes, which gives a rich, deep color.

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Koala is one of the oldest leather produced by the Puccini Attilio tannery.

It is made from the shoulders of cows of excellent quality from France. This smooth full-grain leather is 100% vegetable tanned. It is firm tempered and has a wide palette of beautiful colors. This leather is fattened using Sego and other oils with an old factory recipe. It has elasticity, silkiness and strong structure thanks to the use of natural tannin extracts from Quebracho and chestnut trees. Over time, this leather gathers a rich patina.